Travel Expenses: 

- Booking Fee + $25/per 20mi from Gainesville, FL (Hotel expenses will be included for any bookings 125+ mi from Gainesville, FL)

Half of deposit + any hotel bookings must be paid with in two weeks minimum from requested services date for bookings 50+ mi from Gainesville, FL

Fill out the form below to get a booking qoute today!

Form fill ex:

First Name: Joe, Last Name: Anonymous

Company: Club Pay Alot, Address: Club Pay Alot Lane

Email:, Phone: (123)-456-7890

Select a service: 25min booking, Date of requested service: 08/24/2020

Comments: Hi, i'm requesting live performance services etc for [example of event] on [date etc]. Will you be available?

Examples of performance sets can be found at the bottom of the page!

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