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Hi there! Need a custom song to emphasize the mood of your upcoming film, youtube/twitch channel, party, club, etc? Of course you do. You came to the right artist for the job! 

Please fill out the form below to help me get to know a little more about yourself. Don't be shy. Share with me the mission statement of your business, things that relate to your business, the target audience of your business, songs similar to the vibe that you are looking for, and some things that you also enjoy. Doing so helps me relate you to the sounds you are sharing with me as examples.

After your submitted information has been reviewed, i will contact you and let you know realistically what can be done.

Next we can discuss: your budget; deposit fee & date you want to get started; and whether or not you will be monetizing the final sound.

Deposit Fee: Cost of reserving a date and the initial start of your sound.

Non-Monetized Finish: You will receive one Mp3 via email. The Mp3 cannot be used for any monetary purposes. Any audio adjustments will be void 24hrs after final sound has sent via email. Cost of services will be paid in the deposit fee. Services include: Writing / Recording / Mixing / Mastering.

Monetized FinishYou will receive one Mp3 + WAVE file via email. WAVE is the highest sound quality you can go, and is the best choice if you plan on using your final sound for content creation. The song will also be released on digital platforms (such as Spotify, Apple, etc), so your preferred audience can stream it in full & download it. Any audio adjustments will be void 24hrs after final sounds has sent via email. Cost of services will be paid in the Deposit Fee + Composition Fee. The composition fee can vary in price depending on the instrumental needed for the job. For legal reasons and protection, the composition fee is non-negotiable in accordance to the composer. Services include: Writing / Recording / Producing / Mixing / Mastering / Distributing.

Exclusive Monetized Finish: Includes everything mentioned in 'Monetized' Finish. Plus you will be the sole owner of the final mastered sound and composition. Meaning, you can do what you want with the final sound. Even re-sell the finished song to someone else if you wanted. Unfortunately we cannot stop a composer from reselling any composition(beat) used in association to your final sound. Unless exclusive rights are purchased. As mentioned prior, composition fees can vary in price. Especially exclusive rights to composition.

Song Length: Song length can vary. Depending on what is needed. For Example, theme songs are usually kept short. A verse, intro, outro, and chorus. 

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Previous Clients

"Issa Crit", short for it's a critical hit. Made in association to a gaming/anime outlet

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