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Music: Pop, RnB, Rap

Been a while since the city has looked West for hope in the fight against Depression.

Dorthea's demo EP "Emerald City", is now available for download & streaming

By Dennis Walton

May 02, 2018


20 year old singer and songwriter, Dorthea West, brings life to her many adversities through the aid of her musical projection. West does not submerge her depression, but rather exploit it to the world in the form of sound. A sound that has become all too familiar for many young adults in the current generation. The sound of pain and anguish. 


Desolation is a dark place for a person to find themselves in. Alike many artists that suffer from depression, Dorthea has come to recognize this place of resentment as a tool to connect with others. The "Kill Bill" singer is slowly developing a sound all of her own; Being influenced by music stars of their own tribulations due to emotional distress such as: Kehlani, Frank Ocean, and Erika Badu. 

Simoli Patel

Dorthea West faces her demons head on in her new song titled "Been A While". She manifests an animated bad ass version of herself, as seen in the cover art figure above, that slays any skeletons that attempt to creep their way out of her closet to haunt her. The cover art, designed by Simoli Patel, is inspired by 2003 film Kill Bill: Volume One.  


Bestowing herself into her own chapter of the Kill Bill series, Dorthea embarks on a journey to avenge those that have been wronged by the selfish people of the world. This journey to avenge begins with a rising build up and determination of sound. This build up climaxes with a calm but cutting intro from Ms. West as she inserts, "Been a while...". Along this heroic path she travels, she must even face herself. Gripping her lyrical blade tight, she goes toe-to-toe against death to win the battle of suicidal thoughts.

The song "Been A While" actually was written a while ago. 2015 to be exact on year. The singer details that the lyrics came to be after a toxic relationship that she was involved in ran its course. The end result being what we hear now. An arrangement of heartbroken vocals dancing on top of dark pop-ish chords that is flooded with deep bass.

Dorthea developed a following online shortly after releasing a demo song titled "Sunset Tangerine", via Soundcloud, in 2017. She takes chances when putting her music out in the world to be heard, so she can connect with other music lovers. She does not expect people to enjoy every song she creates, but she creates with intent to help at least one person feel that they are not alone in their journey through depression. One of many daily goals Dorthea checks off her list is reminding her self that she is not alone, and to remind those around her that they do not have to be alone in their fight against depression either.

The full song can be found below. As well as Dorthea West's social media pages. 


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