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Music: RnB, Soul, Hip Hop

Meet Edgar Brann, the beach boy from the city of Jacksonville, FL that is making soulful waves in his new gainesville based home

Edgar's debut EP "Equity+Love+Water=", which includes the featured song "93", is now available for download & streaming

By Dennis Walton

April 30, 2018

Dennis Walton

Edgar Brann is an ingrained music artist that is waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world. As a songwriter, he draws creative courage from the experiences that life presents him. His music is a sonic window that allows us all an exclusive look into his journey. A journey of purpose as a young adult growing in a fast paced Central Florida pop culture. These experiences are frequently reflected in his current music and how he chooses to deliver vocally on his records.


Edgar channels his admiration for old and current music made by acts such as: Sam Cook; Justin Bieber; and even Ed Sheeran during his music making process. This process is giving Edgar many needed perspectives, as he develops a sonic world of soulful verses and jazzy hooks. His song format takes his listeners on a ride to remember. One can say that Brann's motive during this break-out-stage of his career is similar to the "6 God" Drake's famous motto "yolo". Because the fact that he will only physically live on this earth once, Edgar is doing everything in his power to create as much music as possible. He hopes to live forever in the hearts of those that will touched by his musical creations.

Dennis Walton

One of Edgar's many creations include "93". Which is an nostalgic piece embodied by ambient melodies of keys and vocal harmonics. The song's lyrics can be described as a motivated guide for young adults to get up and strive for what they want. While they have the time. Time is a very valuable asset to Edgar in his story depicted in this song. 


As Brann journeys through the body of each melody played in this record, he is attempting to "buy [his] island". His reference of an island can be taken both literal, or as symbolism for one finding their purpose and happiness in life before their inevitable conclusion. The number "93" is an interesting choice for a song title. It representing the year Edgar was born, and the year his journey to "buy [his] island" begun.

Edgar Brann initially gained popularity in the Gainesville music scene as a public figure during Winter of 2017. He decided to introduce a song to the city that would break the barriers of racial discrimination. With the help from Gainesville native artist, NostroDonny; the "Bama Boy", Azazus; and the Russian producer Bass Estrada, the song "Color Blind" was born. This song featured a short film that was shot at local coffee shop, Coffee Culture. Shortly after picking up local traction in Gainesville, the "93" artist appeared in a performance that was broadcast on live television by Jackonville's WJXT4 new station.

The song "93" was released as part of a 7 track EP titled "Equity+Love+Water=". The EP is a combination of many emotions and experiences. The flow ranges from young love to songs like "93" that shares tribute to those that are pursuing life long dreams. The music video for "93" was shot in Cedar Key, FL. The location, as seen in the figure above, is from a scene that was actually captured near a neighborhood he grew up in as a child. 

The full song and music video can be found below. As well as Edgar Brann's social media pages. 


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